Monday, May 10, 2010

Knit Wit

I have recently been learning desperately how to knit... after a long and lovely train ride, and a difficult time learning how to cast off, I have finished my first ever scarf. I discovered a few things about knitting:
1. try your hardest not to miss a stitch because it will leave a hole.
2. Do not stretch the stitches out on your needle unless you started it that way or else your scarf will become wider and wider, as did mine.
3. Do it all at once; you will not pick your work back up if you stop before you are me on this last one!
If you follow these tips, you will surely become a knit wit like me. Now that the scarf is done, I want to try making socks... hopefully I will finish by the time it gets cold enough to wear them.
'Till then,


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  2. That is awesome girl=-) I want to be a knit wit=-) It was so nice having you down. Your such a sweet, lovely girl! Love you!!

    Kass =-)