Monday, March 7, 2011

I've got it!

Time that is. I finally had a few spare minutes to do whatsoever I please. So, I decided that I would update my blog with a few crafts from the last 365 days of my life.
In the kitchen, I have made 5 pies, 8 batches of cookies, and 14 batches of my famous lemon bars, which won a blue ribbon at the county fair.

I would have to say that my favorite thing had to be the cake mom and I made out of diapers, though.

My crafting adventures proved to be much more fruitful. My scrapbook, two pillows, a painting, and a pencil sketch of mine also won blue ribbons in the county fair. I have recently become obsessed with flowers, so, I put my crafting hands to work and made some rosettes.

I like to wear them in my hair when I pull it back or as a pin on a sweater.

But I couldn't stop there, could I? With a broken necklace, some random buttons, and paint in hand, I started working on the single most economical piece of jewelry I own.

Now, if you are squinting really close to the screen thinking do those flowers have words on them? Do not try to adjust the resolution, because the flowers are made of newspaper. Yes, a necklace made out of newspaper, it's genius! Next, I am going to make them into a headband on some satin ribbon.
Lastly, I have a collection of vintage hats that live in decorative hatboxes around my room. I got a new addition a while ago and realized that I didn't have any more room in my boxes, so what did I do, one might ask. I decorated a styrofoam head, of course!

Yes, I am aware that the picture is sideways, I'm just experiencing a few technical difficulties. But anywho, that's about it for this past year, I will upload pics when I finish the dress I am working on at the moment.
Until then,